D2D Millionaire Expert Forum Package

Stop Guessing How To Build A Successful Door-to-Door Sales Program and LEARN FROM THE BEST!

D2D Millionaire Expert Forum Package

Learn from industry leaders as they share their expertise on how to improve your business



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  • MODULE 1: The Initial Approach 
    - Learn the steps to the perfect initial approach
    - How to effectively use icebreakers to get prospects on your side immediately
    - How to name-drop to increase sales
    ($540 Value)
  • MODULE 2: How to Qualify, Question and Close Effectively
    - Learn how to determine if a prospect is worth your time
    - Learn the right questions to ask to get more sales
    - Learn the proven closing tips and techniques to become a top sales rep
    ($540 Value)
  • MODULE 3: Getting Your Sales Team to Believe in Your Company
    - Building rep confidence in your company
    - How to increase belief in your company with your sales team
    - How to create a rock-solid company culture
    ($540 Value)
  • MODULE 4: Pest Identification Training 
    - Proper training on pests and products
    - How reps should use tools while selling
    - What your reps need to know before they start selling
    ($540 Value)
  • MODULE 5: Service Training and Compensation
    - Determining the "Know-to-Show Ratio" for your sales team
    - What your sales reps should know about the competition
    - What is the best compensation plan for your door-to-door sales team
    ($540 Value)
  • MODULE 6: Setting Up A Daily Schedule
    - How many hours should your sales reps be required to work and when
    - How to avoid burnout in your sales team
    - When you should hold training meetings to maximize results
    ($540 Value)
  • MODULE 7 and 8: Communication and Overcoming Concerns
    - Communication qualities your team needs to be top sales reps
    - Non-verbal communication skills your sales team needs to succeed
    - How to overcome the 8 most common objections your sales team will encounter on the doors
    ($1080 Value)
  • MODULE 9 and 10: Why Sales Reps Fail and The Margins of Success
    - Learn the top reasons why your sales reps won't succeed and how to make sure they do
    - Proven knocking strategies for success on the doors
    - How to maximize your sales rep's time to create the most results
    ($1080 Value)
  • MODULE 11 and 12: Solidifying the Sale and Area Management
    - How to collect more payments upfront to avoid fallout
    - Setting proper expectations with your customers to avoid cancellations
    - How to manage your sales teams and routes for maximum results
    ($1080 Value)
  • MODULE 13: Using Technology To Improve Your Business
    - What tools can you use to improve your business
    - Improve your area management with technology
    ($540 Value)


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"The D2D Millionaire training is going to help take my business from a 500 account company to over a Million Dollar Company!" - David C.
"After going through the D2D Millionaire Training I was able to realize mistakes we made building our door-to-door sales teams and now know how to rebuild our team for this next season and dramatically increase our sales!" - Melissa H.
"One of the BEST sales training programs I've ever seen. I learned exactly how to sell the product, get it in the customers home and keep the customers happy. Worth every penny!" - Patrick M.


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